Take a Snake Walk!

Each October, The Shawnee National Forest temporarily closes LaRue Road #345 (also known as the Snake Road) between SNF Color Logomile post 3.0 and mile post 5.8. This section of the road will remain closed until Oct. 30, 2017. The road is closed seasonally for the protection of migrating snakes and amphibians as they make the seasonal journey from their winter hibernation areas to their summer swamp habitats. Some of these species have been identified as threatened and endangered by both the state of Illinois and the U.S. Forest Service. By closing the road added protection is provided to help ensure the reptile’s safe crossing during this critical time of migration.

ScottBallardHiking_10-2016On October 7th 2017, Shawnee Friends hosts the Snake Walk with IDNR Herpetologist Scott Ballard on the world-famous Snake Road on the Shawnee National Forest. Join us on this leisurely walk to view snakes and other critters along the bluffs and swamps.

We will meet at the Winter’s Pond parking area. Link to map.

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