Willowbrook Cabins, a Southern Getaway! -Photo by Rose Hammitt

A great place to plan a winter escape!

Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

Willowcreek Cabins, a Southern Getaway! -Photo by Rose Hammitt

While hotels and bed and breakfasts offer great amenities, try thinking family fun and a place to stretch out and have a home environment and what you might come up with is cabin rental. My friend Rose Hammitt and I headed south right after Thanksgiving and hit a few trails, some shops and lots of eateries. I keep coming back to this area and the cabin stay at Willowbrook Cabins offered space, privacy and because I didn’t have any cell phone connection even a real feeling of being technology free although I do admit to going online!
The cabins are the brain child of Doug and DeVore, a very busy young couple. With three kids 9, 7 and four the two central Illinois born and bred duo met on a blind date in high school then came to Carbondale for college at Southern Illinois University. Once they arrived in southern…

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