Plants are everywhere, and we literally depend on them for survival. Yet many do not SNF Color Logoknow how to identify them. During the Wildflower Walks, participants will learn how to identify common plants and flowers while visiting beautiful natural areas in the Shawnee National Forest. Attendees will also learn about the basics of plant identification and will be provided handouts about plant identification terminology, field guides and web resources, along with information on invasive species.

During the summer and fall, a total of five hikes will be offered:

Hike #1 –July 12 at 1:00pm            Rim Rock, Karbers Ridge, IL

Meet at parking lot and trailhead on Karbers Ridge Road

Hike #2 –July 26 at 1:00pm            Cave Hill, Harrisburg, IL

Meet at the Shawnee National Forest Headquarters building in Harrisburg

Hike #3 –August 8 at 11:00am      Bell Smith Springs, Ozark, IL

Meet at the parking lot and trailhead

Hike #4 –October 24 at 11:00am Atwood Ridge, Jonesboro, IL

Meet at the Shawnee National Forest office in Jonesboro

Hike #5 –October 25 at 1:00pm   Lusk Creek Canyon Wilderness, Eddyville, IL

Meet at the gas station in Eddyville

All of the hikes will last up to 4 hours. No previous experience is necessary. Reservations are not required but are encouraged.  The hikes will be limited to the first 20 participants. To reserve your spot for any of the hikes, contact Chris Benda at botanizer@gmail.com.

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