Waterfalls and Wildflowers Ozark Tour – April 18, 2015

On Saturday April 18th, 2015 a variety of outdoor enthusiasts from the U.S. Forest Service,Jackson Falls Gallatin and Hardin County Tourism groups and the River To River Trail Society will host an Illinois Ozark Tour.  The spring tour begins Saturday at 8 a.m. at Stonefort General Baptist Church in Stonefort, Illinois, where participants will embark by bus for a day of hiking and exploration to several waterfalls in southern Illinois.  As in previous Ozark Tours, the Waterfalls and Wildflower Tour will visit some of the sites that Col Trigg visited during the 1930s such as Jackson Hole, Cedar Falls and if time permits, Burden Falls as well as some not so well known landmarks such as Indian Falls.  The day will conclude back in Stonefort, IL, with a relaxing supper at the Stonefort General Baptist Church.

Rim Rock Trail

Rim Rock Trail

This tour is different from previous Ozark Tours in that access to the waterfalls is much more challenging and therefore the hikes are more strenuous. There will be a lot of cross-country hiking, climbing up and down and scrambling over steep rocky escarpments to reach each individual waterfall (and hopefully beautiful wildflowers along the way).  Participants will need to wear sturdy hiking boots, long sleeved shirts and long pants.  Packing a daypack with water is also recommended and don’t forget a camera.  Pre-registration is required and interested individuals can find more information or register by visiting the Illinois Ozarks tourism site at www.illinoisozarks.com or by calling 618-287-4333.

Sponsored by the Gallatin and Hardin County Tourism the cost of this one-day hiking tour is $40.00 per person and includes bus transportation, guided tour and wildflower identification, catered picnic lunch, souvenir t-shirt, and a good ol’ church supper at Stonefort General Baptist Church.  This is sure to be a unique spring day of Waterfalls and Wildflowers Under our Southern Skies that you are not likely to have anywhere else — except on an Ozark Tour!

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2 Responses to Waterfalls and Wildflowers Ozark Tour – April 18, 2015

  1. doyle Hedger says:

    As an old 86 year old man and failing health, I can no longer hike the trails and camp out , but my memories of Lusk Creek and Shawnee Hills are alive.

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