Tour The Illinois Trail of Tears – Nov. 1

See the Trail of Tears in Illinois.  The Illinois Chapter Trail of Tears announces a Nov. 1st  bus tour across southern Illinois with guides pointing out the highlights along the Trail.
     In 1838-1839, the US Government forced several groups of native Americans, the largest group being the Cherokee, to move from their homes in the southeastern part of the country to the present day state of Oklahoma.  Due to the harsh conditions of that winter, of the approximately 11, 000 who traveled West, about 2,500 perished along the Trail, giving rise to the name, Trail of Tears.  Today, a number of current citizens of southern Illinois are descendents of some who were forced to travel on this Trail. 
    Camp Ground Cemetary sign This is an opportunity to see and learn more of this tragic event in American history.  To secure information on this trip and reserve a seat on a bus, telephone 618-303-0801 or write the Illinois Chapter Trail of Tears at PO Box 313, Anna, Illinois 62906.  Seating is limited so do not delay in making your reservation. The tour leaves Golconda, Illinois at 8:00 AM and travels across Pope, Johnson and Union County and returns to Golconda.  Lunch will be available.  The cost is $35 per person.  Previous tours have filled up quickly.
     Southern Illinois contains many miles of the original trail.  Some consider the Trail in southern Illinois to contain more miles remaining today that are like it was in 1838-1839 than any other state that the Trail of Tears traversed.  This is a great opportunity to view the Trail of Tears.

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