Yummy BBQ!

Hey BBQ enthusiasts, I just enjoyed a great lunch at Shemwell’s BBQ in Cairo, IL.

This is a family run, old-fashioned diner, with interesting people and a very good BBQ. It’s Shemwell exterior-advertisingworth coming to Cairo for, and stopping down at the confluence, where America’s two greatest rivers come together and the ghost of Ulysses S. Grant still walks along Fort  Defiance Park!

Throw out any preconceived notions of “barbecue” as beef brisket slathered with thick tomato-based sauce before walking in the door of this place….we’re talking authentic southern-style smoked pork shoulder, or “pulled pork” as it’s known out west.     Shemwell’s specializes in slow roasting pork shoulders and serving them with the hottest BBQ sauce in the south. Thick slices of perfectly smoked shoulder are served on white bread after they are squashed flat on a sandwich grill. One sandwich is never enough so plan on ordering two or more. You’ll want to take along a lb or more for sandwiches later…just don’t forget to get the BBQ sauce. And for real authenticity squash your sandwich in a sandwich grill to drive all those delicious juices into the bread. Shemwells is on the main drag in Cairo, and open 7 days a week.

Tell us about your favorite Southern Illinois BBQ!

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