Trails to Adventure’s cozy winter hideout

Enjoy Illinois

Along the southern edge of Illinois’ Trails to Adventure region, traced by the majestic Ohio River, sits the Rose Hotel in Elizabethtown. Charming innkeeper, Sandy Vinyard, takes the time and effort to make every stay at the Historic Rose Hotel a memorable one.

The historic structure has been converted into a cozy five-bedroom B&B, catering to visitors’ every need amidst 19th-century furnishings and modern comforts. Recently renovated by the State of Illinois Historical Preservation Agency, the Rose Hotel is restored to its former grandeur, perfect for treating yourself or a special someone during the winter months.

Each of the five bedrooms offers its own stylish theme and luxuries, from four post lavish beds to claw-foot deep bathtubs and breathtaking views. Softly wake to the satiating scent of the morning’s full country style breakfast included with every stay.

During your visit, take time to experience some of the wonders…

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